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Four methods of correctly csing ultrafine mill

ultrafine mill is the most used crushing equipment of raw materials in brick and tile industry, which is also the oldest crushing machinery. The advantages of ultrafine mill are simple structure, easy manufacturing, little power consumption, wide adaptive ranges to raw materials and so on. In production process, we need correct using methods to play the biggest role of ultrafine mill. 1. Step crushing Compared with blow type crushing equipment, the biggest disadvantage of ultrafine mill is small reduction ratio. Product granularity of ultrafine mill changes with the abrasion of the roller gaps. Crushing effect of laminar structure materials is poorer. Understanding these shortcomings of ultrafine mill is conductive to reasonably arrange and use ultrafine mills in order to fully play the advantages of high yield, low power consumption and wide adaptability to water. Hence, step crushing is very important for roller crusher. The crushing of most of the shale raw materials should at least go through coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. 2. Regular maintenance Surface of ultrafine mill is easily worn, which makes the clearance between the two rollers bigger, thus reducing the crushing effect. Hence, fineness of ultrafine mill always changes. When the roller is new, the clearance between the two rollers is the smallest, the fineness generated in crushing is the finest. After a period of production, rollers are worn, clearance between two rollers becomes bigger, and fineness of raw materials coarsens. This process of changing from fine to coarse is unique phenomenon of crushing materials of roller crusher. Hence, what we should do is to maximally reduce this change and control the crushing granularity within the permitted range of production process, thus ensuring production quality. In order to achieve this goal, the only way is continuously and regularly repair roller surface to ensure crushing fineness of raw materials. 3. Reasonably selecting raw materials Not all of the raw materials can be crushed by roller crusher, such as shale or coal gangue with high hardness that are hard to crush. For crushing of tabular or laminar materials, crushing effect of ultrafine mill is unsatisfactory. If you meet above materials, you'd better choose hammer crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, etc. 4. Strengthening management According to condition of raw materials of factory, only by correctly using ultrafine mill can we give full play to superior performance of ultrafine mill and achieve the purpose of stale and high yield. The enterprises should strengthen management and formulate regular maintenance plan to ensure quality of work of roller crusher.

Publicerat klockan 03:25, den 22 mars 2018
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