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How do Different Crushers Handle Materials?

So far, the mining machinery manufacturers have developed many kinds of ore milling equipment and grinders such as jaw crusher, roller crusher, cone crusher, rotary crusher, disc type crusher, wheel grinding crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, ball mill and roll mill etc. In general, the main crushing method of jaw crusher, roller crusher and rotary crusher is to squash, chop and break materials into products in needle flake shape. While the machines like disc type crusher, wheel ore milling equipment, ball mill and roll mill usually handle materials in fine crushing and grinding methods. For hammer crusher and impact crusher, the main processing method is to impacting and crushing materials into stone particles in good shape. We need to mention that when handling super hard materials, the hammer head and impact board of the two crushers are worn quickly, so the cost will be increased. Like the jaw crusher, the bone crusher owns the similar crushing method. As the cone surface has a wide angle with the vertical line and there is also a parallel bar structure, the cone crusher can produce good shape particles with few needle flake shaped ones. All of this is realized because cone crushers own higher crushing repetition rate than jaw crushers. Data shows that the crushing repetition rate of cone crushers is about four times while that of jaw crusher and roller crusher is less than two times. If users want to improve the material quality of most crushers, they need to find out an effective way of receiving more and more crushing repetition chance. With this goal, the mining machinery manufacturers like our company will gradually research and develop a new crushing machine with simple structure, strong crushing capacity and long service life.

Publicerat klockan 16:20, den 11 juni 2018
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