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SBM Construction Waste Crusher Realizes both Environment Protection and Profit

In recent years, with a general improvement of the populace cultivation, people green and environmental awareness is also strengthened, and at the same time, the requirement for environment is also improvement. In daily lift, people call for using green vegetables, and in mining equipment industry, Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. also responds to people mind and manufactures environmentally friendly mining machinery. construction waste crusher is known to be an important mining machine in ore beneficiation industry mainly used in the technical process of ore grinding. Compared with other mining product, ball making equipment has high energy consumption, which requires us to realize the improvement work of this grinding miller while improving the existing technology to reduce energy consumption and damage to the environment at the same time. Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturing company of large mining machinery such as various type of crushing machines. Our products include not only traditional stone jaw crusher and mineral impact crusher, but mobile construction station, gyratory cone crusher, powder grinding mill, construction waste crusher machine, magnetic drum separator and dryer drum which are various in models and comprehensive in specifications. The construction waste crusher grinder produced by SBM Machinery is improved according to the environmental protection requirement of the new time and it adopts full diameter double-row self-aligning roller bearing with convenient maintenance and high efficiency. The discharging mouth adopts cone structure and grinding balls with a relatively small diameter are used, so that the grinding granularity of materials is fine. At the same time, new type of steel materials is used, thus greatly reducing the waste pollution of the equipment. In the working process of ball grinder, a drum feeder machine is used, so that there is no inertia impact and the machine can run stably, thus reducing maintenance time. SBM ball grinding mill is able to have materials better ground on the premise of ensuring the utilization efficiency, thus reducing the waste materials. In the meantime, in the grinding process, advanced technical measures are taken to reduce the emission of pollution gas, thus protecting the environment.

Publicerat klockan 04:45, den 11 april 2018
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